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Performance Marketing Workshop Review by Growth School

You are probably wondering whether it is worth joining the performance marketing workshop by Growth School featuring Deppan Siddhu & Ashwin Palo.

The short answer is: Yes it is worth it. 

However, there are cons too, which I will cover at the end. 

That being said, here are a few reasons why I think you should attend this workshop no matter which level you’re in your digital marketing journey.  

But before I dive into the details of the workshop, let me first be clear, I am not affiliated with Growth School in any way. 

I have attended the performance marketing workshop myself, and I am going to be as unbiased as possible. Thus the pros and the cons of this course. 

Now that that is clear, let’s get on to what will you learn from this workshop. 

The course takes place over two days. 

Day one is dedicated to teaching all about performance marketing

Day two is ideally kept for question and answer sessions.

This is what you will learn in the Performance Marketing Workshop 

What will you learn in the performance marketing workshop
  • What is Performance Marketing 
  • Career as a performance marketer and the skills you need
  • Know your Business, TG, Audiences & Infra 
  • Build your own Value Proposition, Full-Proof Landing Page, and Learn to steal from your competitors
  • Onboarding, Acquisition, Optimisation, CRO & Attribution 

Besides this, you will learn some extra bonus hacks like

  • Hacks to advertise on external links
  • Promote your content pieces with personalised link previews 
  • Tool to improve your website conversion in just 15 mins
  • How to build an audience by promoting external links, for eg: Forbes
  • Chatbot as a Landing Page Tool

Deepan for me was the highlight of this course, he explains complicated concepts in a calm and soothing manner while pulling out real-life examples from his own personal life. 

Ashwin is knowledgeable too however sometimes it is a bit difficult to understand the things he is trying to explain, and he can get a bit technical as well.

That being said, you can always rewind and watch the videos again because you get access to the live recordings. (This is important to remember as you go into the course) 

How the Modules Work 

How does it work

Within each module of the workshop, they dive into the details of how to properly optimize campaigns. 

Both of them help you by sharing insights on how to properly optimize your target audience. They also share an excel sheet on how you can break down your messaging based on clear value propositions. 

Besides this, you will learn about what are the key elements required to create a high-converting landing page, what tools you could use, how to monitor your site’s performance, in-depth hacks to copy from your competition, and much more. 

A lot of digital marketers know these concepts however, in the performance marketing workshop, you get a unique and refreshing spin on how to make your marketing campaigns work for you. 

Is there an Upsell in this Workshop? 

Is there an upsell in the performance marketing workshop

Of course, there is. It wouldn’t be so cheap if there weren’t any. 

By the end of the workshop, they will try to sell you their more expensive Performance Marketing Mentorship program, however, it’s not right in your face annoying sort of promotion.  

Cons of doing Growth School Course

Cons of doing the performance marketing workshop

As much as there are a lot of PROs, there are a few Cons to doing a course with Growth School. Yes, I am saying Growth School and not just specifically this workshop. 

  • GrowthSchool is not organized: I understand it is a new growing company but there are many bugs and flaws that they need to streamline. First thing is that the speakers seem to be uncoordinated. Ashwin for example stepped in late for the course. And it seems that this is a regular thing not with this specific course but in the other courses as well. Trainers seem to not adhere to the time. There are some reports of even reschedules because trainers have changed their minds at the last minute. 
  • Recorded videos: In the entire day one, until the end, they said that there would be no recording of the session however in the end Deepan revealed that recordings would be provided. Now I get it that the intent was to make people attend the live session, but still, we are adults, you shouldn’t be tricking people, especially working professionals. 
  • Certificate not downloadable: I am not sure if this is an issue with everyone however I certainly couldn’t download the certificate. Now the certificate is not important but still, if you’re going to promise something, your website should be able to provide that. If not, then don’t promise it. 
  • Payment glitches: Yes a lot of people have made payments and don’t get access immediately. I faced it too. They do fix that once you raise a support issue. But best of luck trying to contact them. I tried texting them on Facebook, sending them a FB chat message, and emailing them and only then I could get connected. But it’s a hassle and can be off-putting 


Should you join the performance marketing workshop by Growth School? Yes, however, I wouldn’t sign up for any of their expensive programs until they iron out these issues.

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