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Passionate about Digital Marketing, Rightly Digital is highly recommended for content writing and social media marketing. Odell has helped my company achieve our marketing goals on time and effectively. He is by far one of the best digital marketers in Mumbai that I've hired. It actually doesn't matter where you're located, he is quick, and always ready to help, whether online or offline.
Content writer in mumbai Ankit Modi reviews Rightly digital
Ankit Modi
Project Manager
From 20 students in the previous year, to 100 students this academic year, Odell is a wizard when it comes to digital marketing. He knew exactly what to do and how to target quality students for our institute. Truly a digital marketing expert, he has out-performed many of the agencies that our institute had hired over the course of my tenure. Rightly Digital indeed has given some of the best social media marketing freelancers in Mumbai
Social Media Client
Rebecca Maryann
College Coordinator
Odell has helped us with a complete digital marketing & social media marketing strategy. He understood the needs of our company and helped us execute our brands message effectively that resulted in a boost of our organic traffic by 500%. He is by far the best freelance digital marketer in the market right now.
Digital Marketing Client
Terania D'sa
Marketing Manager
After hiring several content writing agencies here in Mumbai, it was Rightly Digital that finally delivered. They are the best for content writing services. They increased our organic traffic by 400%. Extremely happy. Odell is a true professional. If you're looking for a freelance digital marketer who is excellent with content, this guy is your man!
Denish Vora
I was looking for a digital marketing freelancer near me because I love working with people close to home, so I was a bit hesitant about hiring RightlyDigital since they are based in Mumbai, but Odell was so proactive and professional that it did not feel like I was working with someone remotely. I have generated 100 leads in just two weeks in my Facebook campaigns all thanks to Odell's advice
Client Looking for a digital marketing freelancer near me
Amanda Gomes

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