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Lead Generation with Google Ads (Adwords)

Search Campaigns

We will create optimized search campaigns using Google Ads to get high quality leads and sales. Our Google Ads Freelancers have managed 100+ Search Campaigns acquiring customers while users search for services. It is all displaying your ads on the top of Google Search Results

Display Campaigns

Increase your brands presence with Google Display Campaigns. With advanced targeting, our ppc freelancers will ensure your ads appear all over the internet on different websites with Google’s Display Advertising Campaigns. Imagine your branding on websites and apps customized to attract the attention of your perfect customer.

Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing campaigns is when you target customers who have already visited your site but not made a purchase yet. Conducting successful remarketing campaigns is our specialty. Hire our freelance google ads specialist and you will see an increase in leads and sales.

Odell has scaled our business and increased the sales thanks to his Google Ads Knowledge and experience. It was one of the best decisions for our company to hire a professional
James McCall
Retail Brand
Our eCommerce store saw a huge increase in sales due to Odell's combination of Optimized Google Shopping Ads along with his Remarketing Campaigns. By far, the best digital marketing freelancer in the industry.
Kelly Kearns
Fashion Brand

But What Are Google Ads & Why do I need an Ads Expert?

Google Ads is a service provided by Google that helps you advertise your products or services on Google’s Search Engine and its Display Networks. When I say display network, I mean the thousands of websites Google has partnered with so that your banner ads can get displayed on different websites. 

You can create a Google Ads account and try to run a campaign by yourself, but there is a lot of research and analysis that goes in to building a profitable campaign.  One wrong move can cost you thousands of wasted advertising budget. 

Different Types of Campaigns

There are search campaigns, display campaigns, remarketing campaigns, shopping campaigns, call-only-campaigns and the list goes on. Each campaign requires a different level of attention. That is where a Google Ads Expert comes in. If you hire an freelance PPC Consultant, what you get is laser focused campaign with an economical budget, because God knows how expensive agencies are with all their hidden expenses and multiple departments to coordinate with. 

With Rightly Digital, we cut the your Google Ads Cost by Half

That’s right, what you would end up paying an agency, you save by hiring a freelancer with years of industry experience in creating successful Google Ads Campaigns. So take your step to seeing an increase of quality leads and sales.