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How to increase organic traffic by revamping existing articles in 2023

Is your bounce rate increasing?

Is there a decline in your organic traffic?

Are your readers not engaging with your content?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, chances are your content has become stale and needs to be revamped. 

You might say, “We post new content regularly. Why do we need to revamp our old content?”

No doubt your content performed exceptionally well when you first published it, but with time even the best content gets stale. 

And if you ignore it, and won’t revamp your content:

  • Your blog won’t get noticed in SEO
  • Your site traffic will go down
  • You’ll lose your customer base
  • Your competitors will get ahead of you
  • You’ll have a higher bounce rate

Consider this situation similar to when your home looks old and out of trend. 

What do you do next? 

You renovate it to make it more appealing, isn’t it?

You replace old furniture with the latest and what’s in trend.

You replace old gadgets with new technically advanced ones.

You change the interior design, and a lot of other things.

Similarly your whole website content needs a fresh update to gain a huge amount of organic traffic.

Update your old articles for SEO in 2023

Revamping your old content for the search engines can make a huge difference in your traffic numbers.

Adding this technique into your content marketing arsenal in 2023 can transform your whole business. 

It’s like adding a new life into your old content.

One of the main reasons to update existing content is that regularly updated content gets more attention by the search engines.

By doing so, you’ll witness:

  • Increase in overall organic traffic
  • Increase in CTA clicks
  • Decrease in bounce rate
  • Increase in ranked keywords

Now you know that revamping is a big deal for SEO, and drives a great amount of organic traffic consistently. 

The next question is: How to revamp my content?

What are the most important changes that I need to do to ensure I have improved organic rankings?

Keep reading to find out. 

Increase the word count

The easiest thing to update your old content is to pour some more value into your old blog posts.

But don’t just fluff words for the sake of increasing the word count.

At first try to focus on the blog posts that have a word count of less than 2000 words, because they are the ones that need to be strengthened.

This is because long form posts perform well in search engines. 

Keep in mind: Before making any new changes in the article, conduct keyword research, try to find new keywords that were missing in your old articles, and include them in your posts.

Also add new sections of content to include new information, instead of adding sentences or paragraphs in the previous version.

All these tips can significantly increase your ranked keywords and help you rank higher in search engines, and earn better links.

Use the power of interlinking

Try interlinking your fresh articles with your top performing blogs which are related to a similar topic.

This is a double benefit tactic.

Deeper interlinking will make the search engine crawlers navigate and index your less performing pages faster.

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At the same time, users will be able to read more information from your brand which will increase the average session duration on your site, hence again helping in SEO.

To add kerosene to the fire, incorporate those keywords in the headings or the subheadings of other blog posts. 

Update broken links

Broken links in your blog posts can hinder the user experience and reduce your organic traffic.

You can make use of various broken link checker tools and find out all the broken links in your articles that are performing well.

Finding and replacing these links will help you to enhance your customer’s user experience and help you to grow your organic traffic.

It will also help readers to navigate to all your linked pages seamlessly.

Delete outdated content

Because of new technologies and techniques in almost every industry, your blog posts might contain information that is outdated and is not valid today.

This degrades your brand as people will feel that you are not taking it seriously.  

So to stay on top of trends, removing invalid information or updating your old information with new and valid content will help you build trust and maintain a good flow of traffic from the search engines. 

Doing all this sounds simple but it isn’t actually easy.

It will take good research, great thinking, and new creative ways to present your content to the readers.

Focused keyword targeting

One more thing in your powerful revamp tactic is focused keyword targeting. 

Here’s what it means. 

Once you are done with increasing your keyword density, don’t forget to add all the long-tail keywords related to that specific keyword.

Let us explain this with an example. 

Suppose you rank for the keyword “content writing”. Now you might want to add some more similar keywords or long-tail keywords like “content writing techniques” or “content writing pricing” or any other relevant keywords to your blog post.

Adding these keywords will be less time-consuming, and at the same time, the effect of this addition will be tremendous in driving organic traffic for your business.

Moreover, adding a few long-tail keywords will also help with the second point of today’s discussion i.e. increase in the keyword density.

In fact, you can find long tail keywords that can be used to include new sections of content, or even new blog posts that can be linked from your existing ones. 

The time to make a move is now

You have two options to revamp your content.

First, you do it yourself. If you do that it can take up a lot of your time and effort.

Second, you hire a professional content and SEO service provider to do the whole revamp for you.

When you hire or outsource content services, you can be assured that your work is being handled by professionals who’ll do proper keyword research, competitor research, and have good writing skills and experience.

And the most important, it’ll save your time. This means that you can work on what you’re good at and what are the high income generating activities of your business. 

So are you interested in kick-starting this decade on a positive note?

Are you ready to revamp your blog content?

And, if you have any queries related to the same then we are here to guide you in the right direction. Do share your queries or suggestions in the comments.

P.S. I just revamped this particular article which was originally written in 2021 to incorporate new updates. Don’t believe me? Check the URL. This new article is now up-to-date for 2023!

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