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How to improve your writing skills

Full disclosure: These are some insightful nuggets by Nikhil Narayan, Creative director at Ogilvy. I'm sharing his tips because it would be a waste to let it get lost in LinkedIn's newsfeed

Everyone wants to improve their writing style. It doesn’t matter which field you’re in, if you’re able to write well, you’re only going to benefit in life.

While there are many strategies and tips to write, and everyone has a different way of learning, I will be sharing one tip that was shared by Nikhil Narayanan, Creative Director at Ogilvy (Bangalore) & author of the book Chachuru. If you’re not following him on Linkedin, you definitely should! He is a treasure trove of witty stories & wisdom on the world of advertising  

Improve your writing skills following these 3 simple steps

There are no formal rules using this method, it’s as simple as it sounds.

Step 1: Buy the Book Dictionary of English Idioms or Something Similar

This Dictionary of English Idioms comprises of over 4000 phrases & their meanings. Just pick one phrase every day

Step 2: Write about the Phrase you picked

Once you have picked the phrase, just write a few lines on it. Get creative, elaborate on what you write, get into the details. At first, it will be a little difficult, but like any muscle, as you keep practicing, it will get easier.

Step 3: Repeat the Process, Again, & Again & Again

Repeat this process, over and over again. Do it for at least 24 days, and then go beyond that and I promise you, your writing will improve.

The best way to perfect anything is to practice, this holds true for writing as well. So start writing now!

If you want to purchase Nikhil Narayan’s Book Chachuru, I have added the Amazon book link below.

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