You are currently viewing Digital Marketing is a saturated field but you probably still need to learn it

Digital Marketing is a saturated field but you probably still need to learn it

Digital Marketing, a few years ago may have been an alien concept, unheard of for most people. However, now just like engineering, every second person wants to become a digital marketer, especially in India.

You’ll find thousands of so-called experts out there who claim to be gurus in digital marketing. They will lure you with promises of free ebooks, training videos, and ‘secret blueprints’ that have apparently never been heard of. These are lead magnets so that you can get hooked on their products or services.

Most of these experts are recent graduates, college kids, or people with questionable knowledge in the field of marketing.

The fact is that there are only a few people out there who actually know what they are doing and the rest is a vast ocean of self-proclaimed experts. The competition is fierce for anyone who wants to become a professional digital marketer or trainer.

Don’t believe me? Just type the keyword, ‘digital marketing courses’ on Google, and the number of ads and institutes claiming to make you an expert on digital marketing will prove my point.

The field is now saturated, this is a simple truth, so should you consider getting trained in the field of digital marketing? The answer to that question is Yes! Because you will have NO CHOICE! Either you get trained or you miss out on growing in the corporate ladder.

Oh and if you’re thinking with the creation of ChatGPT and other AI tools, will learning digital marketing be of any value? It surely will!

Every business needs Digital Marketing

It does not matter which company you work for and what profile you’re at. If you want to climb the career ladder, you will have to understand how the company makes its profits and how to market your product or services well.

If you’re an entrepreneur and you have your own business, then you cannot afford to ignore marketing, and digital marketing is not only economical, it is highly actionable with quantifiable results.

If you’re employed in a business, getting into to the nitty-gritty of digital marketing will give you insight on the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis) that your organization faces and will help you come up with solutions that will eventually take you higher in the corporate ladder.

Help You Improve Your Writing Skills

An important factor of digital marketing is creating content and honing your writing skills. Once you start writing articles, you will notice a vast improvement in the way you write.

To succeed in any aspect of life, effective communication is extremely important and if you’re able to write in a manner that engages, excites, and inspires action, you will definitely get things done.

But I have ChatGPT now, I can just make it write for me, correct? Wrong!

Results from ChatGPT lack voice, it sounds monotonous. People who know how to write, naturally understand how to write better prompts on ChatGPT and other AI tools to get content that actually inspires people

Not many people know this but when you start applying digital marketing skills and techniques for your brand or your business, you will be forced to write and the best thing about creating content is that your writing skills improve with every draft.

Makes You Tech Savvy

Learning how to use technology to your advantage in today’s day and age is a must. People who are not tech-savvy, lose out a lot and you definitely don’t want to be the one who is termed as unreliable.

Even if technology hates you, a digital marketing course will push you into embracing tech.

You will learn about marketing tools, plugins, emails, AMPs, SEO, SMO, and all those jargon that makes one sound like a genius and the best part is that you don’t need to have any prior technical experience

Improves Your Creativity

Digital Marketing Improves your creativity

Every digital marketer needs to learn how to engage its audience on the web and in order to do that, you need to learn how to think out of the box.

Digital Marketing courses have modules that challenge your creativity and push you to the limit.

You will learn about advertising, branding, buyer journey, customer behavior and so much more.

You will start looking at things in a different way, you will notice billboards, and taglines and will start looking at the world through the eyes of your customers.

Creativity enhances problem-solving behavior and this is one of the few disciplines that will teach you that. Then it won’t matter what field you end up in, a creative mind will take you places.


Digital Marketing training is no longer just an add-on course, it is now a necessity.

Whether you plan on entering the field of marketing or not, getting trained in digital marketing will definitely be beneficial for you.

So to answer your question: Is the field of Digital Marketing Saturated?

No, it’s not! There are a lot of categories within Digital Marketing and getting trained in digital marketing will make you an asset to any industry you join. It is still relevant in 2023.

So don’t bother if a thousand people are doing it, if you are worried that this course might become redundant in your career, it won’t. It is here to stay and its benefits go beyond the field of just marketing.

Odell Dias

Odell Dias is the founder of where Online Marketing concepts are made easy. He has over 6 years of experience in the Digital Marketing industry, helping brands and individuals alike to achieve their marketing goals. He is known as one of the best digital marketing freelancers for small-to-medium-sized businesses.

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  1. Brandon Calhoun

    what do you need to do to be an actual DM

    1. Odell Dias

      Well there are multiple ways you can get into the field of Digital Marketing. Some people prefer to do professional courses and then get an internship while others create their own websites market it and then take on freelance opportunities once they develop enough skill and experience.

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