8 Easy Steps To An Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy that Boost Sales

The internet is a vast level-playing field for businesses. With 4.021 billion users in 2018, there is no doubt why the internet is one of the most preferred channels for brands to achieve their marketing goals irrespective of the type of business they are in.

 It’s safe to say that people have become too dependent on technology these days. And one facet of technology that gets people from all parts of the world to engage with one another is social media.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Quora, and more. These have become the netizens’ channels to express themselves, interact, grow communities, connect with like-minded people, or nourish careers. And true enough, businesses have also joined the bandwagon and took advantage of this social media uproar.


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Social Media Content Calendar 2019

If you want to succeed in Social Media Marketing, you need to be ready and prepared to strike at the right time

Those who are in the Digital Marketing Industry already know the importance of a Social Media Calendar, especially if you’re in India, where every celebration is taken to new levels online.

Whether you’re a brand manager, account manager, digital marketer, business owner, or an entrepreneur, I want to make sure that for the year 2019, you’re ready and prepared to ride on every notable event that trends on social media.


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How to create a Facebook Custom Audience with Exclusion Targeting

You have already set up your Facebook campaign, you have managed to get a few conversions but now you want to target only those people who have not taken any action on your capture page. How do you do that?

Showing your ads to people who have already filled your lead form or made a purchase on your site is not only a waste of money but can also be annoying. What you need is a customized audience so that your ads show only to those people who are left to take any action.


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How to Optimize your IGTV Instagram Channel

If you haven’t already heard, Instagram has now released its very own video platform known as Instagram TV or IGTV

The release of IGTV comes with the rapidly increasing popularity of video as a preferred form of content consumption. IGTV is set to rival the video giant YouTube and Snapchat’s discover feature.

So what’s so special and different about this new social media contender?


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How to Pay for Facebook Ads in India with Paytm

If you’re a Facebook advertiser and you live in India, you may have come across a situation where your debit card just does not get accepted by Facebook as a payment method.

This can be extremely frustrating considering that many people do not have credit cards or are not comfortable using their credit card to make payments online.

Another issue that a lot of advertisers face is that Facebook is not very helpful when it comes to giving solutions for this particular issue.

I have tried contacting their support team on numerous occasions only to receive incomplete or incorrect information from their team.

But fortunately, there is a solution. You can make payments on Facebook without a credit card however you got to get a little creative in order to make it work for you.

I am going to cover payments via Paytm, however, there are other options as well.


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