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How to Pay for Facebook Ads in India with Paytm

If you’re a Facebook advertiser and you live in India, you may have come across a situation where your debit card just does not get accepted by Facebook as a payment method.

This can be extremely frustrating considering that many people do not have credit cards or are not comfortable using their credit card to make payments online.

Another issue that a lot of advertisers face is that Facebook is not very helpful when it comes to giving solutions for this particular issue.

I have tried contacting their support team on numerous occasions only to receive incomplete or incorrect information from their team.

But fortunately, there is a solution. You can make payments on Facebook without a credit card however you got to get a little creative in order to make it work for you.

I am going to cover payments via Paytm, however, there are other options as well.

Do note though that not everyone gets the option to make a payment via Paytm however if you follow these steps, you will be able to transfer funds to your ad manager account in no time.

I am going to explain the steps from scratch, so you can skip those parts that are not relevant to you.

Watch a quick video where I explain this issue in detail

Step 1: Create Facebook Ad Account

Create a Facebook Ad Account by creating your first AD on Facebook. Click on Create Ads option and an account will be automatically created for you.

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Facebook Ads via Paytm

Once you are done creating your first AD. You can go ahead and click on the settings option. You need to select the three horizontal lines on the top left near the ‘Ads Manager’ text in order to get those additional settings.

Facebook Payment Option

Step 2: Setup Payment method using Paytm

Once you click on the settings option you will be taken to a new screen that gives you your Ad Account information.

For now, you can ignore that and click on the payment settings in the left-hand corner. In case you want to Add other Ad account roles for this account, you will find it on this tab itself on the right-hand corner.

Facebook Ads Via Paytm Updated

Once you have clicked on Payment Settings, select the Add Money button.


Then select the Paytm Wallet option.

FB ADS Paytm Wallet Option

Step 3: Add cash using Paytm

Now you need to add money to your Facebook balance

Facebook Payment

Make a Payment by following the pop-up instructions

Facebook Popup Paytm

At this point you will be taken to your Paytm account where you can add the amount of your choice. And voila, your payment will get credited to you Ad Manager account.

Do make sure that there is sufficient credit in your paytm account. If there isn’t then you need to do a funds transfer to your Paytm wallet first from your bank and then follow the above steps.


It is possible to make a payment in India even if you don’t have a credit card. Yes, the steps might seem a bit tricky however it is an ongoing issue which a lot of advertisers go through.

Now there is an option to pay via NEFT as well however there are a limited number of Banks that are listed on Facebook’s roster.

If your choice of bank is not on the list then, the Paytm route is your best bet.

Odell Dias

Odell Dias is the founder of where Online Marketing concepts are made easy. He has over 6 years of experience in the Digital Marketing industry, helping brands and individuals alike to achieve their marketing goals. He is known as one of the best digital marketing freelancers for small-to-medium-sized businesses.

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  1. viknesh v

    hi bro!

    In add payment method i cant find net banking and paytm. there is only credit/debit card and fb coupon. Kindly help me to add these methods

    1. Odell Dias

      Hey Viknesh, this is a common issue. The only work around is to create a new FB add account and set up payment method that way. You should then get the Paytm option

  2. Ravi Vaghasiya

    Nice one dude

    1. Odell Dias

      Thank you

    1. Odell Dias

      If your Facebook Ad is disapproved, I recommend creating a new Ad by following Facebooks guidelines.

      1. Gaurav Kirola

        Sir they have deactivr my ads manager account. Its showing ‘Only active accounts can create or edit ads’. What to do please help.

    1. Odell Dias

      Please click on the link and search for an option to raise a support ticket. Ideally you should be able to create a ticket and explain the issue to Facebook. They will be able to resolve this for you.

        1. Odell Dias

          You would have to speak to Facebook about the refund. The only way to do that is by creating a support ticket.

    1. Odell Dias

      You’re welcome.

  3. deepanshi bansal

    hi. my paytm pop-up opens up, then gets frozen. like i can see login to paytm. but cant click on it.. what to do???

    1. Odell Dias

      Hi Deepanshi, this seems like a bug. You would have to either report it to Facebook or try using a different web browser like Chrome or Firefox to see if that helps

  4. Anshu

    Hi Odell, Thanks for this blog. I am having issues using my credit and debit card for India billing of FB Ads. Is this is a common problem? Is PayTM the only way to resolve this?

    FB Support and the banks are both blaming each other. I keep getting the message transaction failed on FB. I have tried multiple cards. I can’t even delete my payment method as there is an amount outstanding so FB isn’t letting me do it.

    1. Odell Dias

      Hi. Yes it is a common problem with Facebook. The work around is to create a new id and follow the steps I mentioned in the article. Other than Paytm, you should also get a Netbanking option. That’s what I use.

      1. Rupali

        Through Paytm can we do international transactions. How funds will transfer for any sales? Whether it will go to Paytm wallet or direct bank.

  5. Ronak

    Hello Odell Dias,
    Thanks for sharing this post but when i was create new facebook ad account there was only add debit or credit card or facebook ad coupon option.
    What should I do?
    And in ads manager near balance i did not find PAY NOW option so do you suggest me where do i payment from?

    1. Odell Dias

      Try creating a FB ad account using a different facebook profile (someone from India). If you still don’t get the option, then you will have to contact Facebook support team

  6. Shiva

    Hi, I can only find debit/credit card and facebook ad coupon payment options. My account is Indian only and it’s pretty old, I used to run Facbeook ads before as well.
    Why can’t I find the PayTM option? Also no netbanking, etc?

    1. Odell Dias

      This is a glitch with Facebook. The workaround with this is creating a new fb account and corresponding ad account. If all else’s fails, then contact the Facebook support team

  7. Shivendra Singh

    Hello Odell Dias
    I am trying to add payment through Paytm, after Allowed to pop ups, pop up window is still not opening.
    Pls help me out…..

    1. Odell Dias

      This is a Facebook issues. Happens to a lot of people. Try using a different browser and if it still doesn’t work then raise a support ticket with Facebook

  8. Mansi Mody

    Hi, all my payment methods are failing . I have used multiple credit and debit cards ( visa ) to clear my payment but it’s still not happening . Also raised a ticket with Facebook but no help . Kindly help me . My whole business runs on ads .

  9. Kirti Singh kachhawa

    Hi, all my payment methods are failing . I have used multiple credit and debit cards ( visa ) to clear my payment but it’s still not happening . Also raised a ticket with Facebook but no help . Kindly help me . My whole business runs on ads .

    1. Odell Dias

      You need to raise a support ticket with Facebook.

  10. Harry Rawat

    Hi Sir,

    I have been facing the problem since long time, I am unable to use paytm since I have business account. if you have any idea please share with me. and also tried to switch the business account to personal account but I couldn’t ..please help me out it would be very thankful
    Thank you.

  11. Barkha

    I am trying to do payment through Paytm, but its showing enable the pop-up. From where can I enable the popup?

    1. Odell Dias

      Hey Barkha, look at the browser where you enter a website address. When you are about to make a payment, there will be a cross mark that will pop up saying pop-up blocked, just click on it and allow pop-up. If this sounds confusing, just watch this video:

    2. Odell Dias

      Check your browser setting where your type a web address, on the right-hand corner there will be an option that says pop-up blocked, just click on allow

  12. Sanya

    Hi Odell, I added money in my Fb account through Paytm. Then when my Ad wasn’t running I realised I didn’t add it in my Ad account. Now I am not getting the paytm option for my ad account and also they are not accepting any of my cards. What should I do ?

    1. Odell Dias

      Hey Sanya, I know this is a late reply but the usual protocol is to raise a support ticket with Facebook. If that does not work, then you need to follow the workaround I mentioned in the article. If that still does not work, then the only option is that you need to use another payment method

  13. Aman

    My facebook id in not paytm methods

    1. Odell Dias

      You will have to raise a support ticket with Facebook if the above suggestions are not working

  14. paritosh

    I’m getting same problem, even in 2021.

    1. Odell Dias

      Sorry to hear that. Facebook has really poor customer support

  15. Monika

    I paid via atm for my ad still my ad is not active is asking for credit code. From where wud i get this code

    1. Odell Dias

      Recheck if the PayTm payment was actually processed. This credit code that you’re referring to seems more like a Facebook Ad Credit. It has nothing to do with your PayTm payment

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