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How to Create Google Web Stories in WordPress 

If you want to create a Google Web Story and are confused about how to go about it on WordPress, I have created this quick video that you can follow.

But let me give you a back story. I have been creating Google Web Stories for a Graphic Design Course brand called Digital Education School. This video uses that as an example

How to create a Google Web Story on WordPress in 2022

Step 1: Download the Web Stories Plugin

Log in to your WordPress Dashboard and search for the Web Stories Plugin. Once you download it, you will see an interface like this. 

Here you have the option of creating web stories from scratch, or you can use a template and then customize it to your needs. I always use a template because it usually saves me a lot of time

Step 2: Select Explore templates

Choose the template of your choice, select it and then customize it

Step 3: Make it Interactive

Make it as interactive as possible,you can add images, Gifs, shapes, videos etc, and at the end of your slide, add a clear CTA that connects to your story and insert the landing page link

Step 4: Fill the Document Section

Fill in document information like tags, title, category, banner image. 

Step 5: Publish and send for Indexing on Google Search Console

Hit publish and send it for indexing on Google Search Console and you’re done. 

Just wait for a few days, and if all goes well, your web story will be live and send you tons of traffic and maybe even conversions

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