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Just Say Yes and Figure Shit Out Later

Full disclosure: This is the insightful story of Krishna Arora a Coder and Accidental Digital Marketer. He is a very active contributor to one of the best digital marketing groups in India, Digital Marketing Practitioners (No not Learn Digital Marketing, It’s overhyped and a promotional marketplace). I’m sharing his story because it would be a waste to let it get lost in Facebook’s newsfeed

How I almost destroyed a launch event single-handedly

It was October 2018, 2nd sem of my graduation

We were planning to re-launch the Entrepreneurship cell in the next 2 days. I had imagined it to be super cool with really fancy animated trailer so i went ahead and pitched the idea. Now nobody knew video editing in the team so they asked me “can you do it?” I said yes and then thought “bhai karna toh yahi hei kese bhi” (I have to do this any how no matter what) went home and played with premiere pro and realized “khub bezaati hogi parso” (I’m going to get humiliated the day after tomorrow)

I imagined getting laughed at for presenting stupid shit in front of 300ish people. This thought bought out the Tony Stark in me and I searched on Google for any easy tool

*Sighs* Powtoon was the first result and I played around with it. The result was an absolutely shitty video that looked “shukar bazaari” I decided that I was screwed and needed a script first so I wrote shitty script after script only to crumble it. Surprisingly the 15th one wasn’t as crappy and I finalized it, added visuals to support it, edited the music and voice over from power director in my phone, and kinda “jugaaded” my way.

It was ready. You couldn’t tell that I made it! The launch went crazzzy. Well I learned to say yes and figure out how to do shit later.

Which is my lesson for you. Just say yes and figure shit out later

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