Social Media Content Calendar 2019

Social Media Content Calendar 2019

If you want to succeed in Social Media Marketing, you need to be ready and prepared to strike at the right time

Those who are in the Digital Marketing Industry already know the importance of a Social Media Calendar, especially if you’re in India, where every celebration is taken to new levels online.

Whether you’re a brand manager, account manager, digital marketer, business owner, or an entrepreneur, I want to make sure that for the year 2019, you’re ready and prepared to ride on every notable event that trends on social media.

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How to create a Facebook Custom Audience with Exclusion Targeting

How to create a Facebook Custom Audience with Exclusion Targeting

You have already set up your Facebook campaign, you have managed to get a few conversions but now you want to target only those people who have not taken any action on your capture page. How do you do that?

Showing your ads to people who have already filled your lead form or made a purchase on your site is not only a waste of money but can also be annoying. What you need is a customized audience so that your ads show only to those people who are left to take any action.

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How to Optimize your IGTV Instagram Channel

How to Optimize your IGTV Instagram Channel.

If you haven’t already heard, Instagram has now released its very own video platform known as Instagram TV or IGTV

The release of IGTV comes with the rapidly increasing popularity of video as a preferred form of content consumption. IGTV is set to rival the video giant YouTube and Snapchat’s discover feature.

So what’s so special and different about this new social media contender?

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5 Copywriting Tips That Every Marketer Should Know


We all want to keep our readers glued to their seats. A good copywriter can make your business shine. Copy that is boring will get you nowhere.

Great copywriters have the power to convert a determined ‘No’ to an all-out excited ‘Yes!’

One of the key factors that attract people to read articles is the ad copy or subject line. 

In order to make it big in the world of advertising, only writing high-quality articles won’t suffice.

You have to be able to hook your customers first. If your readers do not notice your article, what is the point of putting in all that effort?

And even if they do end up landing on your post, how do you make sure they go through your entire Ad?

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